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All of "the people" (as our children have affectionately named our blended family)

All of "the people" (as our children have affectionately named our blended family)

I am Adrienne Vanderbloemen. I am the wife of William, the mom of Winnie (7) and Will (5) and a baby due in January (whom we are affectionately referring to as “siete”). I am a stepmom to Matthew (15), Mary (13), Sarah (9) and Emma (3).

William and I vowed to attack this thing called life together in May of 2008, and it has been an adventure every day since! So, now we are a blended family of “yours, mine and soon to be ours”…and we couldn’t be happier!

I have my own business called Adrienne Organization Company. It began when a friend of mine asked me to help her set up some of the systems I had at my house for keeping life organized. (That was back when I only had 2 children too!) From there I began giving seminars on organizing your life…and the business quickly grew, as attendees would hire me to come to their houses. At the same time, I helped my father get his consulting business off the ground, and found I really enjoyed that side of things too. After five years of helping people in their houses, I now primarily work as a contract “office adminstrator” and keep three different small businesses organized. 

My husband, William Vanderbloemen, began his own business just after we married (hence beginning our adventures!) It is an Executive Search Business called Faithearch Partners. FaithSearch is the only executive search firm in the country that works solely with faith-based organizations. In addition to his search work, William was recently elected the new Senior Pastor of Cypress Creek Christian Church in Houston. Cypress Creek is a growing congregation of about 1500. William also serves as the founder of William Vanderbloemen Ministries - ministry dedicated to “connecting the unconnected to Christ.” I get asked all of the time, if my house is just crazy. 

For as crazy at it seems, life feels very calm. We really are able to find balance through it all. I also get asked when we will start our new reality TV show. I don’t think we will go that route, but I thought it might be fun to blog about it all…since there really is ALWAYS a new adventure.

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